Victor Wembanyama Admits He’s A Little Overwhelmed By Speed, Intensity Of NBA Groupies

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Image for article titled Victor Wembanyama Admits He's A Little Overwhelmed By Speed, Intensity Of NBA Groupies

SAN ANTONIO—In a thoughtful reflection on the start of his rookie season, San Antonio Spurs power forward Victor Wembanyama admitted to reporters Friday that he was a little overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of NBA groupies. “They’re so much more physical and quick than I could have ever imagined,” said Wembanyama, adding that he had trouble handling the pressure of multiple women relentlessly DMing him on Instagram. “You know that every NBA groupie is elite, but no matter how much you prepare, it’s challenging to be totally ready when you’re actually face to face with them outside the arena. Honestly, I had a hard time keeping up with them. I didn’t really account for the passion, energy, and talent of NBA groupies. If I want to last in this league, I’ll really need to work on improving my stamina.” Wembenyama added that he understood that messing up was a simply part of improving, and that he shouldn’t blame himself for rookie mistakes in his first post-game like getting several women pregnant.