Ida, which left at least 1 dead, has ‘totally devastated’ the town of Jean LaFitte, with rescuers unable to reach hundreds of stranded residents, the mayor says

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Roof and water leaks at some Ochsner Health System facilities in Louisiana mean dozens of patients will have to be relocated, officials said.

Ochsner Health Chief Operating Officer Mike Hulefeld said all 21 patients in St. Anne Hospital in Raceland would be removed, as well as 45 patients at the Chabert Medical Center in Houma.  

 “We will have to move some patients sometime early tomorrow morning, late tonight or early tomorrow morning, probably 3, 4 or 5 o’clock tomorrow morning,” Ochsner Health President and CEO Warner Thomas said.

With the ongoing power outage in New Orleans, the Ochsner Medical Center on Jefferson Highway is now using well water, Thomas added.