Area Lesbian Unaware Friend Posting About Kristen Stewart For Her Benefit

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Image for article titled Area Lesbian Unaware Friend Posting About Kristen Stewart For Her Benefit

BOULDER, CO—Despite having seen the parade of images in her feed whenever she logs on, local lesbian Marissa Hodges, 36, reportedly remained unaware Tuesday that her straight friend Lydia Galloway had been posting about actress Kristen Stewart on social media exclusively for Hodges’ benefit. According to sources, Galloway’s more than 250 Instagram posts featuring the openly queer Twilight star had reportedly registered as slightly odd to Hodges, who noted their frequency, but it had never occurred to her to interpret them as the declaration of allyship which they were apparently intended to be. Reports confirmed that Hodges was completely oblivious to the fact that the first such posts followed her disclosure to Galloway that she was exclusively interested in dating women, an intimate conversation after which her friend began following dozens of K-Stew fan pages “in solidarity.” Galloway, meanwhile, is said to be constantly checking her likes and comments to see if Hodges has expressed approval of her posting of Bella fan cams and her Instagram stories that praise Stewart’s red carpet looks. On multiple occasions, she has reportedly gone so far as to DM Hodges the now two-year-old Spencer theatrical trailer with the text “Love wins.” At press time, sources said Hodges had been gifted a comprehensive 450-page biography of the 33-year-old actress that Galloway had written and published for the express purpose—still unbeknownst to Hodges—of gaining her favor.