Pajama Surf

You Must Be 18 Or Older To Use This Site

What Makes Us Different?

Pajama Surf will always be FREE!

We will never charge for using Pajama Surf!
There will be special features that will be paid services.

Our members can earn just for referring others!

Yes, you can earn for referring other members to Pajama Surf!

We do not moderate content based on a political bias.

At Pajama Surf you have the freedom to support whichever political party you choose!

We Have Real Moderators That Are Active On The Site

Our moderators actually use the site.
The Moderators Are Easy To Contact,
Most importantly, they Interact With The Members On A Daily Basis.

More Freedom Than Some Other Social Networks

Social Media Users Have Spoke Out!
Many Are Tired Of The Restrictions.
For example, We Allow Differing political views.
We also Do Allow Nudity.
(Please Check Our Rules On Nudity)